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Vertigo 2005/U2 Live from Chicago DVD
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The Chicago concerts filmed for U2's latest live DVD are chockfull of all the glitz and glam expected from the biggest rock band in the world: flashy video curtains, a dramatic circular stage (with fans standing inside that ellipse), and energetic performances. Unfortunately, the actual concert experience is poorly captured by the footage. The jumpy cuts never rest on one musician for long, and many shots are partially blocked by fans' heads. The extras on the bonus disc are equally muddled: the "Behind the Tour" documentary displays such thrilling footage as the tour production manager getting his blood pressure taken and Bono eating birthday cake prepared by the tour chef. The addition of pedestrian crowd footage (fans lined up outside the stadium, singing "Vertigo" and acting wacky for the cameras) makes Vertigo a disposable live documentary, likely to produce as much dizziness as its apt title implies.

-Catherine P. Lewis

.: Originally published: Paste Issue 20: February / March 2006
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