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Tiger and the Snow
Tiger and the Snow
Self-Released (2009)

"Dead Spots," the second song on Tiger and the Snow's debut, self-released EP, sounds like a shoegaze song trapped inside an indie-rock tune: Over a dreamy guitar line, Angie Sabin sings with a clear voice that's reminiscent of Velocity Girl. The blend of her crisp vocal melodies over hazy guitar riffs works more often than not; the EP's standout track, "Lost Pages," almost shivers as her vocals build from exasperation to the heavenly harmonies that close the song.

At times the vocals can be a bit distracting: With the growling intro of "7 Seconds or So of Drifting," Sabin's earnest voice comes in a little too forcefully, and the effect is jarring. Still, this EP has enough strong moments to show that Tiger and the Snow is off to a promising start.

-- Catherine P. Lewis

.: Originally published: The Washington Post: 16 January 2009, Page WE10