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Low Videos Scheduled for Re-Release

Catherine Lewis reports:
The compilation of Low videos which was released by BlueSanct Musak in 1999 (and which went out of print nearly immediately thereafter) is set to be re-released on March 23rd, 2002. It's already available for pre-order (at a lower price) directly from BlueSanct in both VHS and PAL formats. The one-hour, eight-video compilation features three videos by Phil Harder and Rick Fuller of Harder-Fuller Films and five videos directed by Kirstin Grieve for Ignorant Noise Productions.

Harder-Fuller's filmography is extensive, stretching from some uncommissioned Jayhawks and Sonic Youth videos in the mid-1980s to recent videos for Matchbox 20, Barenaked Ladies, and Red House Painters. Kirstin Grieve studied film at Boston University under Ray Carney, and upon her graduation, moved to Chicago where she started Ignorant Noise Productions. When Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire) saw her Low videos, he hired her to help make "a film within a film" as part of his latest movie, Vanilla Sky, which stars Tom Cruise (Losin' It, Cocktail). Videos on the compilation include:

01 Will the Night
02 Weight of Water
03 Don't Understand
04 Immune
05 Home
06 Words
07 Shame
08 Over the Ocean

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