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AnnetennA Album Available for Download

Catherine Lewis reports:
Anne Preven and Scott Cutler are back making music again with their new project AnnetennA, formed shortly after Ednaswap broke up in 1999. They have written and recorded a new album, which is owned by Columbia Records, but since there are no plans to release it in the near future (or ever), the band has made the entire album, complete with artwork, available for download on their website-- along with an acoustic version of their Natalie Imbruglia-endorsed hit, "Torn," from a live performance on the Howard Stern radio show.

01 Ultraviolet
02 Oblivion
03 Halo
04 74 Willow
05 Extraordinary
06 What We Are Not
07 Don't Think About It
08 Homewrecker
09 This Is Not a Love Song
10 My Favorite Song
11 From All Sides

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.: Originally published: 5 December 2001
.: Items mentioned above on Wacko Magneto (Ednaswap, 1997).