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Sunny Day Real Estate Project Gets a Name

Catherine Lewis reports:
As we here at Pitchfork reported in early October, vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Enigk and drummer William Goldsmith of Sunny Day Real Estate are recording in Seattle with the band's former bassist (now of Foo Fighters) Nate Mendel. But of course, there has been progress since last we left them. For instance, they've announced their new bandname: The Fire Theft. The name comes from an expression used by mythologist Joseph Campbell to describe a recurring theme throughout ancient myths. The band learned of this term just recently, while watching an interview with Campbell.

Still no word on when these recordings will hit the streets, or what exactly they'll sound like. Given the players involved, though, we can only assume it'll be-- in the words of Soul Coughing lyricist Mike Doughty-- "so goddamn Sunny."

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.: Originally published: 2 January 2002
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