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Soul Coughing Keyboardist Scores Phair Film

Catherine Lewis reports:
According to the Soul Coughing Underground, an unofficial Soul Coughing site run by one of the band's friends, the Cough's keyboard player and sound sampleur Mark De Gli Antoni has just completed the score to the movie Cherish. Cherish was written and directed by Finn Taylor (Dream with the Fishes) and stars Robin Tunney, Rim Nelson, Nora Dunn, Jason Priestly, and Liz Phair. The film is about a woman who's falsely accused of murder and her struggle to prove her innocence. It's now in the judgment round at Sundance and will have a theatrical release in the spring. Sebastian Steinberg, Soul Coughing's upright bassist, and Lisa Germano-- among others-- guest on the soundtrack.

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.: Originally published: 14 January 2002
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