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Dischord Bulks Up Back Catalog

Catherine Lewis reports:
Everybody's favorite Washington, D.C.-based DIY indie/punk label, Dischord, is remastering a number of their catalog items as they go into re-press. Titles which have already been remastered include Rites of Spring's 1985 self-titled release (the one with Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty of Fugazi), Soulside (the predecessor to Girls Against Boys), and Shudder to Think's Ten Spot/Funeral at the Movies. Embrace's self-titled LP, Dag Nasty's Can I Say and Wig Out at Denko's, and Faith's split album with Void are among the other Dischord classix to receive deluxe treatment, with the odd alternate take and unreleased gem thrown in here and there.

Dischord are also reportedly at work on a 20 Years of Dischord box set (it's actually been 21 at this point, but that's 20 in punk years), which is slated for a summer or early autumn release date. It will consist of two or three CDs, including one track from each band on the label, and one track from each band on Flex Your Head, Dischord's seminal 1982 compilation of D.C.-area misfits.

One final project which has been discussed recently at Dischord is a Minor Threat DVD, though if this is ever realized at all, it likely won't be until at least 2003. Still, if it's anything like the Fugazi/Jem Cohen DVD from 2001, we're sure it'll be worth the wait.

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.: Originally published: 20 February 2002
.: Items mentioned above on 20 Years of Dischord (2002); The Argument (Fugazi, 2001); Instrument: Ten Years with the Band Fugazi DVD (2001); Minor Threat Live DVD (2003); Rites of Spring (Rites of Spring; r); Wig Out at Denko's (Dag Nasty, 1987; r 2002); Can I Say (Dag Nasty, 1986; r 2002); Funeral at the Movies/Ten Spot (Shudder to Think, 1990/1991; r 1993); First Love, Last Rites Soundtrack (Shudder to Think, 1998); Embrace (Embrace, 1987; r 2002); Freak*on*ica (Girls Against Boys, 1998).

Reader Mail response from: Radio and Zines at Dischord

Subject: your news on 2.20.02

hey ryan.. your website posted some news on your site.. and i thought i would just correct it a weee bit.. just so you guys know.. if you want to post this as a letter.. that's cool.. Basically, your site says that a lot of things are mastered from the LP and that implies that the LP is remastered and repressed.. but only the cds are being remastered. Also, it seems to imply that faith/void is avalible and same with Dag Nasty and Embrace, but they aren't. They will be out late spring. Also, it says the 3rd cd of the 20 years of dischord is a track from each band from 'flex your head', but actually, it's a secret what is on that 3rd disc and it's all unreleased stuff.. and it's not just from flex your head. anyway, just thought i'd clear that up! thanks.. have a good weekend!