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Trans Am Kick It into Turbo for T.A.

Catherine Lewis reports:
D.C. electro-rockers Trans Am have just finished recording a new album, the follow-up to their 2000 release The Red Line and last year's collaborative EP with the Fucking Champs, Double Exposure. The new album-- tentatively titled T.A.-- is slated to come out on Thrill Jockey in May, and was recorded and mixed by Pines of Nowhere guitarist Jonathan Kreinik (Frodus, the Make Up) at Trans Am's own National Recording Studio over the course of two months this past winter. Kreinik also produced Trans Am's Futureworld.

While they prepare for this release, the members of Trans Am are still up to their own independent projects as well. Guitarist/keyboardist Phil Manley is working with his other band, Golden, on their next album. Drummer Sebastian Thomson is working on his solo record and on the new Pines of Nowhere record, on which he plays bass. Bassist/keyboardist Nathan Means is working on sending the Wizards to the NBA championship.

Trans Am are planning a month-long U.S. tour in May, with opening acts from both the rock and electronic spectrums. Some European festivals in the summer and a possible overseas tour in the fall are also being discussed. Here is the tentative tracklist for T.A.:

01 Cold War
02 Molecules
03 Run with Me
04 Bonn
05 Basta
06 Different Kind of Love
07 You Will Be There
08 Derek Fisher
09 Party Station
10 Positive People
11 Afternight
12 CSick
13 Feed on Me
14 Infinite Wavelength

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