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Jenny Toomey Halts Tour, Works with Calexico, Bruno

Catherine Lewis reports:
Those who liked "Keeping the Weekend Free" from Liquorice's 1995 album Listening Cap are in for a real treat. That song -- which was sung, of course, by Tsunami/Grenadine/Liquorice frontwoman Jenny Toomey -- was written by frequent Toomey collaborator/Nothing Painted Blue songwriter Franklin Bruno. Seven years later and lo and behold -- Toomey will be singing a whole record full of Bruno-penned songs, on an album scheduled to come out in late summer on Misra Records. Toomey and Bruno are joined in the studio by the band that seems to play with everybody these days, Calexico (these guys are so busy, I don't know how they have time to record their own albums).

Bruno's own record, A Cat May Look At A Queen, has been bumped to an early June release on Absolutely Kosher. Calexico's Joey Burns and Jacob Valenzuela appear on the album, which was recorded partially at their Tuscon studio and partially in Los Angeles with Dave Trumfio. Cellist/bassist Amy Domingues (Edith Frost, Jenny Toomey), drummer Tommy Larkins (Jonathan Richman), and Nothing Painted Blue's Kyle Brodie also lent a hand. Tracklist:

01 Dashboard Issues
02 Lies On Your Lips
03 Janet Shaw
04 I Blame You
05 Tired of the West
06 Threadbare
07 A Cat May Look At A Queen
08 Bulk Removal Truck
09 Callous
10 Dossier
11 Love's Got A Ghetto
12 Two Purple Shadows
13 Blue's the Only Color

Toomey's spring tour in support of last year's double-disc Antidote has been canceled, but she will be making an appearance March 14th at SXSW's Misra Records showcase at the Red Room in Austin, with Summer Hymns, Marshmallow Coast, and the Mendoza Line, with special guests Franklin Bruno and Bloodthirsty Lovers (the new band from ex-Grifter/Those Bastard Souls frontman Dave Shouse) and again on March 16th with Pine Valley Cosmonauts at Mother Egan's.

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