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Electronica Advances on Nation's Capitol

Catherine Lewis reports:
Chuck Bettis -- a member of the All-Scars and the founder of Mass Particles -- is bringing another three experimental electronic shows to Washington, D.C. this month.

The series kicks off tonight (May 2nd) at the Black Cat. Haco, a woman from Japan known for her work with Hoahio (Tzadik) and After Dinner (Recommended Records) among other projects, is headlining; Cerberus Shoal (Temporary Residence) and Trance and the Arcade (Bettis's laptop project with gorgeous visuals provided by Jorge Castro) are also on the bill.

On May 15th, Mass Particles presents "Cinematique" at the DC Arts Center with EBSK and two laptop audio and visual artists: Nice Disc (from NY) and Telia (from Baltimore). EBSK is the project of Eric Bruns and former Eggs drummer John Rickman (and yes, my fellow Pitchfork newsman) featuring clarinet and SK keyboards.

And finally, May 26th at DCAC is "Audio Environments" with Mikroknytes and Memorize the Sky. Mikroknytes are a duo of drony electronics with violin, while Memorize the Sky are an electronic-acoustic quartet from New York featuring Zachary Wallace of Flashpapr.

To summarize, mark your calendars for:

05-02 Black Cat - Cerberus Shoal, Haco, Trance and the Arcade
05-15 DCAC - Nice Disc, Telia, EBSK
05-26 DCAC - Mikroknytes, Memorize the Sky

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.: Originally published: 2 May 2002