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Ex-Models, Seconds Pair for Split CD

Catherine Lewis reports:
New Jersey's My Pal God Records is releasing a split CD single of two spazzy punk bands-- the Ex-Models and The Seconds-- on the 24th of June. The CD, cleverly titled s/t, features two exclusive songs from each band.

Both of these bands hail from Brooklyn, NY, which seems to be quite the hotbed of punk/post-punk music these days. The Ex-Models have been playing together since 1998; their debut CD, Other Mathematics, was released last year on the Ace Fu label. Featuring two brothers on guitars, plus bass and drums, the Ex-Models pull from math-rock influences as well as punk. The Seconds feature drummer Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs; their debut record Y was released by 5RC last year.

Picture the Talking Heads but faster, and you'll get an idea of what you're in for with this CD-- or trust the words of My Pal God: "a swift battle of the herky-jerky variety that will leave your contemporaries breathless." Tracklist:

01 Ex-Models - "U Got What I Need (Shake)"
02 Ex-Models - "3 Weeks"
03 The Seconds - "Mommy Mommy Mommy"
04 The Seconds - "Better Suit"

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.: Originally published: 7 June 2002
.: Items mentioned above on Other Mathematics (Ex-Models, 2001); Y (the Seconds, 2001); s/t (Ex-Models and the Seconds, 2002).