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Taking Pictures Formed from Hurl

Catherine Lewis reports:
The debut record for Taking Pictures will be released this autumn on New Jersey's My Pal God Records. Taking Pictures are 75% of legendary Pittsburgh rockers Hurl, who in their five years together released much vinyl and many CDs on labels like My Pal God, Peas Kor, DeSoto, and UK-based imprint Tiny Superhero.

The band consists of Matt Jencik (bass/vocals), Mat Daly (guitar/vocals), and Noah Leger (drums/vocals). You may remember Jencik from his recordings and performance on the outstanding Don Caballero 2, or from his days in The Karl Hendricks Rock Band, Thee Speaking Canaries, and Paul Newman. Leger has recorded and toured with Thee Speaking Canaries and The Karl Hendricks Trio and currently drums for Jade Tree's Milemarker. Daly is a designer and printmaker at The Birdmachine.

The band will tour the entire U.S. this autumn, starting with a Midwest tour with Milemarker in September 2002. Taking Pictures' debut release, Friends Are Ghosts, was recorded with Jason Ward (Paul Newman, Rhythm of Black Lines), and is scheduled for a November 2002 release. Tracklist:

01 Hibernation for a Hyper-Nation
02 Faces, Smearing
03 Words Sound Like Drums
04 We Are Only
05 You Serve, You're So
06 Slowly Burning Ashes
07 Eighteen Questions
08 That Fight We Should Have Had We Never Had

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.: Originally published: 26 July 2002
.: Items mentioned above on Don Caballero 2 (Don Caballero, 1995); Friends Are Ghosts (Taking Pictures, 2002).