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Badman Celebrates Fifth with Hayden, Eitzel

Catherine Lewis reports:
San Francisco's Badman Recording Co. is celebrating its fifth year anniversary this year with the release of a compilation entitled Badman's Bedtime Maladies, which will include previously released songs by My Morning Jacket, Rebecca Gates (Spinanes), Paula Frazer (Tarnation) with Mark Eitzel, as well as songs from upcoming Badman releases from Hayden, James William Hindle, Lanterna, and others.

Badman Recording Co. is a recording studio as well as a record label-- artists who have recorded there include Paula Frazer, American Music Club's Tim Mooney, and Red House Painter frontman Mark Kozelek. The label got its start with the release of The Cherries' "Crotchrocket" (which Badman head honcho Dylan Magierek recorded)-- since then, the label's roster has grown to include releases from Mark Kozelek, the Posies, Dakota Suite, and other slowish singer-songwriters, as well as a series of compilations benefitting San Francisco's Shanti Project (a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with HIV and AIDS). Here's hoping Badman's next five years are equally as busy as the first five. Tracklist:

01 James William Hindle - "Slumberland" [previously unreleased]
02 Ill Lit - "Diner Girl's"
03 My Morning Jacket - "Can You See the Hard Helmet on My Head?"
04 Ken Stringfellow - "Down On My Knees" [Bread cover - previously unreleased]
05 Lanterna "Westside Highway" [previously unreleased]
06 Hayden "Bass Song" [live]
07 Eric Shea and the High Deserters "Reason & Rhyme" [previously unreleased]
08 Misc "Korea" [previously unreleased]
09 Rebecca Gates - "Doos"
10 Paula Frazer and Mark Eitzel "Rhymes of Goodbye"

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.: Originally published: 8 October 2002
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