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New Sonna Album to See Release on January 21st

Catherine Lewis reports:
Dreamy, mostly instrumental quartet Sonna are set to release their second album, Smile and the World Smiles with You, on January 21st through Temporary Residence. The album follows their 2001 release, We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight. The band has also unleashed a handful of EPs and singles since after they formed in 1998. As with their previous full-length, the new album was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago (him again?!). Over their five-year existence, Sonna have toured extensively with bands like Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Explosions in the Sky, and Tarentel.

Formerly based solely in Baltimore, Sonna's bandmembers are now spread out across the US. This summer, Temporary Residence head honcho and Sonna guitarist Jeremy deVine (who, it should be noted, also plays with the touring version of the band Fridge) picked up and moved himself, and the label, to Portland, Oregon. Drummer Jim Redd resides in San Francisco and also plays in Tarantel. Guitarist Chris Mackie and bassist Drew Nelson are still (stuck?) living in Baltimore; with Mackie playing in an audio/visual electronic duo called Telia, and Nelson doing double duty in a solo folk project called The Big Huge.

Tracklist for Smile and the World Smiles with You:
01 Frone Taj
02 Open Ended
03 One Most Memorable
04 The Right Age
05 Smile
06 And the World Smiles with You

In other news, Sonna, Sybarite (aka Xian Hawkins of Silver Apples), and Lilienthal have been collaborating on a few songs over this past year, which will be released as a limited edition seven-inch single on Zeal Records out of Belgium. Temporary Residence is releasing these songs as an EP called Make Shift... with two remixes from Sybarite and Lilienthal which are not included on the single.

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