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TeenBeat to Celebrate 18th Birthday

Catherine Lewis reports:
Do you ever find yourself wondering what happened to those hipsters from Versus? Or Unrest? Or Eggs? Wonder no longer-- they're all still on TeenBeat, in various new projects. Wait, Teenbeat Records is still around?! And kicking! They've just released their eighth annual compilation (2003 Teenbeat Sampler), packed full of TeenBeat artists and alumni. The sampler features former members of Versus (+/-, The Pacific Ocean), members of Unrest (Mark Robinson, Phil Krauth), and members of Eggs (Cheeky Bastid, Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers), as well as some new TeenBeat artists like HORSE ING TWO = HIT, a collaboration between Trevor hollAnd and Mark Borthwick, whose new album is slated for a February release. And yep, we're afraid the caps lock is intentional. Tracklist:

01 HORSE ING TWO = HIT: "Zero" (Trevor of hollAnd)
02 +/-: "Summerlong" (ex-Versus)
03 Cheeky Bastid: "Friends" (Andrew of Eggs)
04 Bossanova: "Tongue of Asp"
05 Flin Flon: "Levis"
06 Tracy Shedd: "Rise"
07 Hot Pursuit: "St. Valentine" (ex-Tuscadero)
08 True Love Always: "Frozen"
09 The Pacific Ocean: "...Ghost" (ex-Versus)
10 Aden: "Smiles and Frowns"
11 Currituck Co.: "Drummer"
12 Sprites: "Keep It Together" (ex-Barcelona)
13 Jonny Cohen: "Spaced Out"
14 Kevin Hewick: "Helpline"
15 Phil Krauth: "Cold Gray" (ex-Unrest)
16 Pocket Rockets: "Turn Dust"
17 Bells Of: "Long Days"
18 Mark Robinson: "Tasty Black" (ex-Unrest)
19 Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers: "Brown Door" (ex-Eggs)
20 Screamer: "Lincoln"

And to celebrate its 18th year of existence, the label will host a weekend of shows next month in the greater Washington, D.C. area (though TeenBeat is now based in Massachusetts, it was founded in Arlington, VA). The weekend's biggest set will feature +/-, Flin Flon (TeenBeat head honcho and ex-Unrest member Mark Robinson), The Pocket Rockets (the youngsters of TeenBeat), and Aden (featuring Texas Senator Phil Gramm's son Jeff-- maybe there'll be another great afterparty at Dad's!).

02-20 Arlington, VA - Galaxy Hut (Butch Willis & D Flat, Currituck Co., Mark Robinson, plus special secret guest stars)
02-21 Washington, DC - Black Cat (+/-, Flin Flon, Pocket Rockets, True Love Always, Aden, Currituck Co., Phil Krauth)
02-22 Alexandria, VA - Now! Music and Fashion (True Love Always, Tracy Shedd, Jonny Cohen & Pete Nelson)

In other news, +/- is working on their second album, a follow-up to last spring's fantastic Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album. Look for it in April.

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.: Originally published: 29 January 2003
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