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Rivulets' New Album Arriving on Chairkickers Union

Catherine Lewis reports:
When last we at Pitchfork HQ checked in with Rivulets (that was, uh, last summer sometime), the up-and-coming slowcore outfit Rivulets were recording their second album, Debridement, with Low's Alan Sparhawk at the helm. And now it's done! Time is crazy how it passes. Rivulets' minimalist singer/songwriter Nathan Amundson laid the foundation for the album at the Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth, MN, with simply acoustic guitar and vocals. Later, he was joined on the recordings by friends-- Kranky recording artist Jessica Bailiff, Jon DeRosa (Aarktica, Pale Horse and Rider), singer/songwriter Marc Gartman, Seth Knappen of Darling, Remora's Brian John Mitchell, Aaron Molina of If Thousands, and of course, Sparhawk and Mimi Parker from Low. The record will be released on Sparhawk's label Chairkickers' Union on March 4th. Tracklist:

01 An Evil
02 Cutter
03 Bridges
04 Conversation with a Half-Empty Bottle
05 Steamed Glass
06 The Sunsets Can Be Beautiful (Even in Chicago)
07 Shakes
08 If It Is
09 There's Nothing I Can Do
10 Will You Be There
11 Get Out Alive

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.: Originally published: 21 February 2003
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