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Black Eyes Sign to Dischord, Ready New LP

Catherine Lewis reports:
Ahh, "Black." That reliable old bandname prefix attaches to just about anything: Black Flag, Black Crowes, Black Dice, Black Keys, Black Heart Procession, Black Box Recorder, Black-Eyed Snakes, Black-Eyed Peas, Black Grape, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Sabbath, Black 47, Black Uhuru, Blackalicious-- not to mention Clint, Jack and Frank Black. Well, let's add another name to the list: Washington D.C.'s highly-energetic art-funk band Black Eyes, whose debut self-titled album is set for an April release on Dischord Records. It was recorded at Inner Ear by Fugazi's Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara (whose recording resume includes other members of the Dischord family such as Dag Nasty, Lungfish, Q & Not U, Jawbox, and The Dismemberment Plan). Tracklist:

01 Fingers Broken
02 Pack of Wolves
03 Yes I Confess
04 On the Sacred Side
05 Nine
06 Speaking in Tongues
07 Deformative
08 King's Dominion
09 Day Turns Night
10 Letter to Raoul Peck

The five-piece band formed in August 2001 and features members of Trooper, The No-Go's, and The Rapture. Black Eyes' five members include two drummers, two bassists, two vocalists, and a guitarist (no, don't even try to do the math there). And to make matters even slightly more confusing, Dischord's site lists drums and percussion next to every band member's name. With the energy they whip up at their live shows, it's tough to tell who's playing what, or how it could possibly all fit together like that, but chances are, you'll be dancing so hard you won't give a black fuck. Don't take our word for it, though, check 'em out when they swing through your neck of the nape: The Black Eyes will be taking the U.S. by storm in May and June, and plan to travel to Europe late this summer. We'll certainly keep you posted when the dates are announced, assuming the black plague doesn't wipe us all out first.

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.: Originally published: 17 March 2003
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